Imperia for Retail

A solution oriented to cover your needs as a retailer, it manages your forecasts by point of sale and channel, incorporating all the intelligence of your business in a single platform. Efficiently manage your inventory, both in your store networks and in your distribution centers, reducing stock-outs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Save time and make better decisions


Launch your sales forecasts by channel, store or any attribute of your business. Analyze all your information in an agile and flexible way.


Evaluate the impact on the forecasts of your commercial promotions or any external variable you want to introduce.


Efficiently manage your inventories at all points in the supply chain. Reduce stock-outs and improve your service.

Discover how to achieve excellence in your planning processes.

Fill in the fields with your data and our team will contact you.

Find out how to achieve excellence in your planning processes

Fill in the fields with your data and our team will contact you.

Sales & Operations Planning

End-to-end vision. S&OP.

Our solution will cover all your operational needs, from demand to supply. Under a collaborative environment in which you can involve your entire organization and create your continuous improvement model, improving your process cycle by cycle.

Balance your inventories

Optimize stocks. Efficiency.

Get a clear view of your short, medium and long term forecasts, differentiating by channel or any business attribute and adjust your stock level to your real needs. Analyze your historical demand behavior with our solution and calculate your optimal stock parameters.

Benefits for Retail

The sales forecast is the input to the entire supply chain.

If I know exactly how much I am going to sell, I will know when and how much to buy from my suppliers, looking for the optimal cost and balancing my inventories throughout the chain. Get started in just two months with our solution.

Optimize your stock

Improve the reliability of your forecasting and match your inventory policies to your actual demand, adjust your inventory to it and save money from the first minute with our solution.

Eliminates obsolescence

Consider your product transitions, launch curves and all the functionalities we offer in order to reduce and avoid obsolete products throughout your chain.

Improve your purchases

Get a clear view of your procurement needs and optimize your purchasing parameters per supplier: lead time, lot size, order point, etc.