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Imperia - Supply Chain Management

Procurement planning

Plus 149€/month

Demand planning

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Production planning

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Licensing the demand module is mandatory, and after this, you can contract the additional procurement or production modules.

Monthly price includes: FREE implementation, license and maintenance.

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Calculate your

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The price includes: FREE implementation, license and maintenance
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A platform that automatically integrates with your ERP, based on the following pillars and value proposition:

Technical assistance. Simple technology.

Functional support. Process standardization.

Analytics Demand Planning

Manage your entire demand planning process with end-to-end visibility. Launch your sales forecasts with advanced forecasting models and analyze their deviations.

Imperia - Supply Chain Management

Analytics Procurement Scheduling

Plan your purchases in an agile and simple way with our solution, which allows you to automate and optimize all your purchase orders to suppliers.

Analytics Production Master

Create your production plan with precision and based on your real needs, optimizing your resources and aligning your manufacturing capabilities.