demand planning
with 360º vision

Manage your entire demand planning process with end-to-end visibility.

Automatic integration with your ERP to get all the necessary information: sales history, promotions, product master, budget, attributes…

Advanced forecasting models: 18 statistical models with optimizer or forecasting through neural networks.

Collaborative planning: manage your S&OP process, manage your planning and change log scenarios.

Discover how to achieve excellence in your planning processes.

Fill in the fields with your data and our team will contact you.

Find out how to achieve excellence in your planning processes

Fill in the fields with your data and our team will contact you.

Our value proposition

  • Analytics
  • Power
  • Facility
  • Collaboration

Our solution has a large analytical component, so you can measure, analyze and visualize all your information in an orderly fashion. Historical demand analysis, version comparator, ABC, XYZ, deviation against DFA/BIAS forecast. Analytics in Excel, PowerBI and Qlikview.

Forecasting through 18 statistical models or by means of neural networks. In addition to correction with external variables, so you can consider all those factors that can affect your demand. ADP will select the model with the lowest error with its parameter optimizer.

Our Analytics Demand Planning solution is oriented to ease of use, thanks to its full integration with Excel and management of fully user-oriented features, you can have a complex tool, under an agile, friendly and simple environment.

Manage your demand planning process by aligning the entire organization, structuring your S&OP process and working together on a single demand plan. User login, modification and comment management, task flows.

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Our solution has advanced mathematical models for the calculation of your forecasts, statistics, neural networks and correlation with external variables.


Forecast configurations

A solution that fits your needs, where you can configure your forecasts according to the nature of your business and the historical behavior of your demand.

✔ Aggregation level: launch your forecasts with the horizon of your choice (day, week or month) and with different aggregation levels (family, customer,…).

✔ Calendars: manage different calendars according to your needs in an agile and flexible way.

✔ Product launches: manage your new releases from the configuration editor, by copying from existing articles or by using standard curves.

✔ What-if scenarios: create different planning scenarios and compare each of them against actual sales, budget, monthly forecast, specific scenarios, etc.


Collaborative planning

ADP works on a single data repository, where users will work on the same source, editing the forecasts and providing them in real time to the entire organization.

✔ Management of automatic task flows per user, to guide S&OP, with notes on meetings, process steps and automatic sending of e-mails.

✔ Manage planning versions, enter your budget, generate different forecast cycles and compare it with your actual sales.


Parameter optimizer

You don’t need statistical knowledge, our solution has a parameter optimizer that will take care of everything.

✔ Analytics Demand Planning will analyze the historical behavior of your demand by reference, and select the model and its parameters with the lowest calculation error.


Integrated control panels

Visualize and analyze your data in an agile and simple way through the different dashboards integrated in ADP.

✔ Study your historical demand, ABC volume, XYZ variability, order frequencies, heat maps, etc.

✔ Monitor the reliability of your forecasts in each forecast cycle, version comparator, deviation vs. forecast.



Review your forecasts in an agile way from your usual work tool: Excel.

✔ Intelligent alerts and warnings, ADP establishes specific treatments per product group based on their historical demand behavior.