Planning of
the complete
procurement cycle

Manage the complete purchase planning cycle. We start from your final product needs, transforming them automatically into purchase orders to suppliers.

Short, medium and long term inventory projection, analyze your purchase forecast and anticipate any unforeseen event.

Definition of stock policies and calculation of parameters: safety stock, reorder point, up to level, average stock…

Automatic generation of order proposals, validation and direct integration with your supplier order issuing system.

Find out how to achieve excellence in your planning processes

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Discover how to achieve excellence in your planning processes.

Fill in the fields with your data and our team will contact you.

Our value proposition

  • Analytics
  • Power
  • Facility
  • Collaboration

Our solution has a great analytical component, so you can measure, analyze and visualize all your information in an organized way. Supplier analysis, inventory projection, delivery frequency by supplier, ABC volumes. Analytics in Excel, PowerBI and Qlikview.

Calculation of stock parameters: safety stock, reorder point, up to level. APS will automatically propose your purchase orders to the supplier, considering your procurement parameters, stock level and projected future needs (short, medium and long term).

Our Analytics Procurement Scheduling solution is oriented to ease of use, thanks to its full integration with Excel and management of fully user-oriented features, you can have a complex tool, under an agile, friendly and simple environment.

Manage your purchase planning process aligning the entire organization, and compare in real time your supply capacities (purchases) against the demand plan set by the organization. User login, purchase order validation and manual modification of purchase orders.

The most powerful tools


Purchase order calculation

Based on your sales needs, raw material requirements will be calculated and APS will generate purchase orders, considering your supplier parameters, inventory level per product and defined stock policies. Procurement


Inventory projection

In our purchasing solution you will be able to monitor in real time your inventory level by product and dynamically visualize your stock coverage in days.              

✔ Work with our traffic lights, which will alert you to those references that are likely to break stock.

✔ Measure the impact on stock of different inventory policies, in order to define those that best fit your needs.             



Stock parameters

APS will allow you to dynamically and automatically calculate your stock parameters to match your latest demand.  

✔ Review your supplier order proposals from your usual work tool: Excel. 


User orientation

Review your purchases forecasts in an agile way from your usual work tool: Excel.

✔ Intelligent alerts and warnings, ADP establishes specific treatments per product group based on their historical demand behavior.


Integration with your ERP

Our solution automatically integrates with your data source, so that with one click, you can issue your purchase orders to the supplier!

✔ Direct integration with the information system: stock level per product, supplier master, orders already confirmed in the system.