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Define your line capacities, manufacturing times, stock policies, and calculate your production orders.
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Optimize your inventory
Optimally plan your inventories in the short, medium, and long term.
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Real-time planning
Manage your production orders efficiently, recalculating manufacturing and adjusting to real-time demand.
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Manufacturing policies
Adjust your parameters and define your manufacturing policies properly, including safety stock, batch size, etc.
Produce based on a solid forecast

Plan your current and future production processes

Centralize your data. Increase productivity in managing your supply chain processes, providing a higher level of service, and reducing costs.
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All-In-One Solution

Manage the complete Production Planning Cycle with an end-to-end vision.

Manage your production

Reduce costs by producing efficiently

Ensure production continuity by avoiding stockouts. We make your processes efficient.

Safety stock management
Control of your
production capacity

Optimize the utilization of production lines by considering all processes simultaneously. Our tool provides a 360º view of all processes, assigning the most suitable routings for each manufacturing process.

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Process alignment
Full integration
with your procurement

To achieve optimized production, it is crucial to consider procurement. With SCP, you can integrate both processes into one, obtaining reliable and robust results, and gaining complete control over the production chain without worrying about your inventory.

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Manufacturing policies
Establish a production plan to meet your demand

Visualize production plans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Align production with the forecasted demand, allowing for efficient organization and coordination of production operations. Anticipate potential issues in your supply chain.

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Data analysis
Continuous improvement
in your production lines

By applying a continuous improvement system, we ensure that your processes become increasingly efficient. Identify bottlenecks, analyze line performance, and visualize potential benefits that will guide you to make necessary changes to take your production to the next level.

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