Frequently Asked Questions

01. Licenses

No, with our solution you only have the same subscription fee from the first day we start working together on the implementation, so you can enjoy our tool without assuming any initial investment risk.

In addition, within the implementation we include the integration with your different information sources (ERP, databases, etc.) and we prepare everything so that your information uploads are done automatically, and you don’t have to do any manual uploading work on your part.

No. Our commercial formula has no commitment of permanence. Once we start implementing the solution and you try it, you decide whether or not to continue with it. And we do it this way to deliver the maximum value to you every day and because we are sure that once you try it… you won’t want to stop working with it!

Unlimited. Whichever plan you choose, you can activate and manage as many users as you want.


User oriented; both technically and functionally, at the process level, our support is included in your plan and you will have it at your disposal as long as your subscription is active. Once we start with the implementation, together, we will set a schedule in which, in a first phase we will train you and help you to start working with the solution, scheduling weekly joint work sessions and as you feel more comfortable, we will decrease its frequency until stabilizing it in monthly work sessions.

Yes, without a doubt. And at no extra cost to you. Once we finish the implementation, you will start training, so you can start working with the solution right away. In addition, you will have video and text tutorials at your disposal, and a member of our team to ask any questions you may have when you need them.

Unlimited. Whichever plan you choose, you can activate and manage as many users as you want.

03. requirements

We want everything to be easy for you and above all that you do not have to make any additional investment, so you really need very little to start immediately. We ask you to have a repository where you store your sales, product master, scandals, stock, etc. This repository can be your ERP, or an external database, or even simple files in CSV or Excel format, to which we will integrate our solution to capture the information as often as you want to have the information always updated.

Us! And… guess what? It is also included in the implementation and is free for you, regardless of the plan you choose. In it, we identify all the information sources you have (ERP, databases, etc.) and integrate them so that the information uploads are done automatically without you ever having to do any manual work on your part.

04. product

18 statistical models or with forecasting through neural networks; in addition to an optimizer, which can select the method and parameters that best fit your historical demand by reference. In addition, our solution allows you to introduce external variables to correct and correlate the forecasts you launch, commercial promotions, marketing budget, opening of new channels, etc.

Within our demand module, you can manage your transitions, assigning for a new product, which is its similar article and of which you want to consider its history to execute the new sales forecasts. In this way, you can concatenate these transitions for the different products that are generated so as not to lose the history and to be able to consider it in the forecasts.

With our launch curve manager, you can create launch curves for new products: either by copying that of an existing item that can act as a mirror, or through our standard curves selectable in the forecast settings.

Yes, our access system allows you to keep track of all modifications or comments made simultaneously by users from different departments on the same demand plan.