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Starting from 350€/month
Value of the Core Package
What does the initial price Core Package include?
Core Package SCP
An initial package starting from 350€/month, covering the three integrated modules: demand, production, and procurement. Within our core package, you can take advantage of our basic planning functionalities, including a demand user, an administration user, and an S&OP coordinator, all provided free of charge.
Thanks to our virtual assistant Laia, you will be accompanied throughout the entire onboarding and tool configuration process, from user setup to the customization of all your planning processes in our SaaS platform.
Our team of developers is constantly improving our software, ensuring that you benefit from a dynamic tool that grows with your business. Periodic improvements and new functionalities will be added to the core package, along with maintenance to ensure that the software remains operational for your business.
Plugin Store
At Imperia, we understand that every company is unique, and therefore, every supply chain is unique as well. That's why we offer our Plugin Store of plug-ins, where you can find advanced functionalities for the tool to complement and enhance the functionality of the core package.
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350 €/month
The monthly priceincludes: implementation,Free license and maintenance
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