Explore our catalog of
plugins and customize your SCP Solution

Explore our catalog of plugins and customize your SCP Solution

Discover, select, and integrate the plugins that best suit your needs, taking a step further in customizing and optimizing your tool.
Conversion Plugin:

Work with the unit of measurement of your choice. This plugin enables quick and accurate unit conversions, making it easier to calculate conversions at any level automatically.

BOM Explosion:

Starting from a forecast of finished product sales, this plugin facilitates a bill of materials explosion at any level. It supports material requirements planning and provides short, medium, and long-term visibility of all anticipated consumption based on demand plans.


Work with different planning scenarios. This plugin allows users to create and compare different planning scenarios, facilitating data-driven decision-making and adaptation to changes in demand.


Improve warehouse management. This plugin enables efficient inventory tracking and ensures timely replenishment.

Advanced Production Planning:

Offers advanced tools for more precise production planning, minimizing waste, and improving production efficiency.

Customized S&OP:

Provides a customizable Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) module that adapts to the specific needs of your company, improving coordination between sales and production.


Enables the creation and management of detailed budgets, facilitating cost control and financial planning.

ABC Customization:

Provides customized ABC classification for inventory, helping companies prioritize the management of their resources.


Supports multiple currencies, facilitating international operations and cost management in different currencies.

External Variables:

Allows the incorporation of external variables into the planning process, enabling more precise adaptation to market conditions.


Enables efficient sequencing of production operations, improving workflow and minimizing waiting times.