Imperia SCM: Innovating in the Era of Digital Transformation

Imperia SCM: Innovating in the Era of Digital Transformation
Imperia News
Published: 11/7/2023

At Imperia SCM, we have taken a huge leap forward with the launch of SCP, the latest version of our software. SCP is the result of months of effort and dedication. Therefore, in this article, we are pleased to highlight the recognition obtained, focusing on the exclusive interview conducted by the Levante newspaper with Imperia's CEO, Álvaro Bernabé.

In that interview, Álvaro delves into the challenges and opportunities that the industry faces in the era of digitalization. Furthermore, he reveals how Imperia SCM has managed to position itself and adapt to this ever-changing environment.

Imperia SCM's Vision: Democratizing Supply Chain Management

Since its foundation in Valencia in 2019, Imperia SCM has sought to challenge the status quo and democratize supply chain management. This field, traditionally dominated by large companies due to the high costs of implementing and maintaining available solutions, has become the central focus of the company. Álvaro Bernabé, along with José Tomás Carrascoso and Sergio Alemany, partners of the company, had a clear vision: to create software that would address the needs of companies in their demand planning, production, and procurement processes. Álvaro discussed this in the interview titled "Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0: The Path to Supply Chain Excellence" in the Levante newspaper.

From this vision, the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) project was born, a direct response to the need to efficiently manage the supply chain in uncertain times. Its main objective is to provide accurate and reliable results, enabling companies to anticipate and successfully overcome challenges.

This Imperia SCM project would not have been possible without the support and trust of key investors in the project. Juan Roig, through his investment company Angels Capital, and the accelerator Lanzadera played a fundamental role in supporting and developing Imperia SCM. Their financial backing and strategic expertise allowed the vision to become a reality.

Álvaro Bernabé emphasized the critical importance of supply chain management in the current context, especially in times of uncertainty. The ability of companies to adapt and efficiently manage their operations is a key factor for their survival and success in the market.

Fortuna and Las Provincias Recognize the Impact of Supply Chain Planning

We also want to mention the presence in other media, including the magazine Fortuna, which highlighted the innovation and impact of SCP on supply chain management, emphasizing its ability to improve efficiency and strategic decision-making. Similarly, Las Provincias, one of the most recognized newspapers in the Valencia region, dedicated prominent space to report on the launch of SCP and its impact in the business sphere.

Imperia SCM is at the forefront of the digital transformation in supply chain management. The interview with our CEO, Álvaro Bernabé, highlights our commitment to adopting emerging technologies, such as Industry 4.0, to drive efficiency and business performance.

At Imperia SCM, we firmly believe that the future holds significant opportunities and challenges. We are dedicated to continuing to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions that drive the success of our clients.