Success Story

3ina & Imperia

Transforming demand planning

We share our success story with 3INA, a leading company in the cosmetics sector that has managed to significantly improve its demand planning process thanks to our software. 

We had the pleasure of welcoming in our offices 3INA. In addition, during their visit they shared the challenges they faced in demand planning and the main supply chain issues in their industry.

We also asked them some relevant questions about their experience working with our software. Sandra and José Luís told us how the project of working with Imperia came about and how the demand planning process is currently carried out in their company with our tool. In addition, they explained how Imperia helps them in their day to day and how it has influenced the satisfaction of their customers and the expansion of their business.

Finally, we asked them if they would recommend our tool to other companies. Their answer was resounding! They would recommend any company to use Imperia to improve their demand planning process and start saving on operational costs.

It is a pleasure to be able to help companies like 3INA improve their planning process through our software and we will continue to work every day to offer innovative solutions to our customers and provide them with the best possible experience.

Questions from the success story with 3INA:

Below, we share a brief guide to facilitate the follow-up of the content of the interview conducted with 3INA:

  • 00:44 What were the main difficulties the company faced when planning for demand?
  • 01:04 What are the main problems in the sector's supply chains?
  • 01:33 How did the project of working with Imperia come about?
  • 02:06 How is the demand planning process currently carried out with Imperia's software?
  • 02:47 How does our tool help you on a daily basis?
  • 03:34 How has our tool influenced the satisfaction of your customers and the expansion of your business?
  • 04:04 Would you recommend other companies to use our tool?

What do they think of our forecasting software?

These are some of the phrases that stand out after having talked with Sandra and José Luis, from the cosmetics company 3ina, a company that today represents another success story for Imperia SCM.

Sandra Sajardo from 3INA at Imperia
Sandra Sajardo Supply Chain Manager
As a supply chain manager at 3ina, I am relieved that I now have a person who is exclusively dedicated to planning in conjunction with Imperia's tool. Our time is better spent on other, more valuable tasks.
Jose Luis from 3INA at Imperia
José Luís Díaz Demand Planner
With Imperia's tool we have been able to parameterize all kinds of promotions, new openings, new references, etc. with the tool. Thanks to SCP one of the main improvements is the reduction of out of stock.