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Almond Laboratories improves its service level from 90% to 99% thanks to Imperia: Success story.

In this article, we present a success story in which Almond Laboratories, a company specializing in organic and vegan food products, has experienced a significant improvement in its level of service and transformation in its company thanks to the use of our tool.

In an exclusive interview, Jesús Robles, Operations Director, Joaquín López, Planning Manager, and J. Alberto Iniesta, Logistics Manager, give us their testimony about their experience working with Imperia.

Almond Laboratories achieves service level improvement with Imperia SCP
Almond Laboratories team at Imperia's offices

Challenges at Almond Laboratories

Companies belonging to the food industry have experienced significant cost increases in raw materials, containers and packaging, directly affecting the decrease in their gross margin. In addition, for Almond Laboratories, another challenge was in the planning of customer service. This is due to the fact that prior to the implementation of the Imperia tool, this was carried out manually and in a more rudimentary manner.

The digitization of supply management has had a positive impact on the company, allowing them not only to save costs but also to improve the level of service to their customers. This improved level of service has been a key factor in their ability to be more competitive within the organic and vegan food market in which they operate.

Almond Laboratories achieves service level improvement with Imperia

Imperia has provided Almond Laboratories with a unified platform to improve demand planning, production and purchasing. Thanks to this, they have been able to reduce their service failures by 90%.

Service level

90 %

Before Imperia

90 %

After Imperia

The Imperia tool has given us an overview of all our references sorted by production lines and average days of sales coverage.

Results and benefits achieved

Imperia’s implementation has enabled Almond Laboratories to optimize its supply chain by avoiding both overstocking and stock-outs in customer service. According to J. Alberto Iniesta, Imperia’s solution has been essential to the company’s success. The tool has also improved the efficiency of the entire company by facilitating collaboration between the different areas of the supply chain.

Future with Imperia

Almond Laboratories plans to continue using Imperia and explore its additional modules to improve other areas of the company. In addition, the tool will continue to promote teamwork among the different areas of the company, thus taking advantage of the information provided by Imperia’s software.

Questions from the Almond Laboratories success story:

Below, we share a brief guide to facilitate the follow-up of the content of the interview conducted with Almond:

Finally, to conclude that the Almond Laboratories success story is an eloquent example of how the SCP solution can transform a company’s supply chain. Increasing efficiency and optimizing processes. The use of our tool allows companies in various industries to face the challenges of the market and significantly improve their competitiveness.

For us at Imperia, it is a pleasure to be able to help companies like Almond, committed to the environment and responsible industry, to improve their planning process through our software. For this reason, we will continue to work every day to offer innovative solutions to our customers and provide them with the best possible experience.🚀 

00:57 What are the main problems in the sector’s supply chains?

01:18 What were the main difficulties the company faced when planning for demand?

01:43 How important is digitalization in the vegetable beverage sector?

02:03 How has demand planning accuracy improved?

02:21Has it been reflected in cost reduction or inventory level?

02:42 How has the solution impacted your supply chain and S&OP cycle?

03:07 Will you continue to rely on the solution offered by Imperia?


What do they think of our forecasting software?

These are some of the phrases that we highlight after having chatted with Jesús Robles, Joaquín and José Alberto, from the organic and vegan food company Almond. A company that today represents another success story for Imperia SCM.

Jesús Robles at Imperia

Jesús Robles

Operations Manager

Digitalization within food companies will allow us to achieve the cost savings we need to be competitive, as well as to improve the level of service to our customers.

Joaquín López at Imperia

Joaquín López

Planning Manager

Imperia’s tool has given us a global view of all our references sorted by production lines and average days of sales coverage, which has allowed us to improve our service rate by an average of ten points.

J. Alberto Iniesta at Imperia

J. Alberto Iniesta

Logistics Manager

Imperia’s solution has allowed us to reach an optimal balance point avoiding the overstock of the different products and also to not incur in stock-outs to the customers in the service failure which is fundamental for our company.

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